SNSD Japanese names

According to a popular online Japanese name system, SNSD members’ Japanese names can be translated into the following:

Taeyeon – Music of the Heaven (하늘의 음악)
Jessica – Cat of the Water (물의 고양이)
Sunny – Spell of the Flower (꽃의 주문)
Tiffany – A piece of the Star (별의 파편)
Hyoyeon – Magic of the Forest (숲의 마법)
Yuri – Dream of Snow (눈의 꿈)
Sooyoung – Love’s Ray (사랑의 빛)
Yoona – The Flower’s Phantom thief (꽃의 괴도)
Seohyun – Wings of the Universe (우주의 날개)

SNSD (group name) – Dream of a Star (별의 꿈)


Find out your name by referring to the table:



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