[Updated] SNSD Heads to Singapore for SMTown World Tour III

SNSD Korean

-Beware, media heavy!

-Added the fanpic of Sunny’s new hair colour.

Haha only cause I can :P.  SNSD headed off to Singapore yesterday for another stop on SMTown World Tour III in Singapore.  The concert is scheduled for November 23rd at the Marina Bay Floating Platform.  A few things I noticed about these airport pictures, Fany looked tired 😦 (besides the above pic).  Dorky Taeng was totally being a paparazzi with her cell phone cam (or two cams?  Looked like she has an iPhone 5 and a Droid?).  And Hyo and Jessica were totally joking about something. Too bad we’ll never know about what :P. But all in all, the girls looked to be in a good mood heading to Singapore for the concert.  SNSD hwaiting for another successfu

(credit to: SNSD_@soshified.com)

Also, it’s Thanksgiving here in the states.  So to all you American’s who read the…

Lihat pos aslinya 14 kata lagi


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